Check all offerings that you are looking in receiving help with:


LaxLabs uses surveys to learn more about the club and how the players and parents perceive its strength and weaknesses. It will also help identify what the customers are looking for and how we can help that club gain an advantage in their market.


LaxLabs can assist with communication for your club or association. Our Staff can directly communicate to parents about upcoming events and paperwork, or help with marketing.

Social Media

Twitter? Facebook? Instagram? How do these work? Let us handle them for you! We will work with you, directly, to get your message, programs and stories on Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites, from planning to executing and measuring results.


LaxLabs can help keep websites up to date and even help build a website from scratch.


Laxlabs has many contracts that we have created for all employees and coaches in your program. We also provide contracts and waivers for parents/players.


Our LaxLabs staff can help manage and update calendars for each team in your organization. Let us do the tedious work!

Registration & Payments

LaxLabs can create custom registration programs and templates for club and association programs. Not only can we create these items, but we can help monitor payments and follow up with your customers.


In this paragraph, we discuss helping programs with apparel, ordering, creation, and packages for players. We can simply drive the conversation, or take over from A to Z. We want to make sure we explain that we can work directly with their families on sizes and taking care of sample size runs for the players to try on.


We can run and manage evaluations for your club or association. We provide objective data for you to make decisions on. Plus, we’re a neutral party, so parents can’t get mad at you.